Content Marketing: Why You Need Experienced Consultants

Growing a business from scratch is hard work, which is why it’s important for small business owners to know when to hire help. Although having the capacity to hire new blood for your business is a sure sign of growth, proper discernment is still necessary when looking for new employees.

This is especially true for the content marketing role, which is a specialized role that demands a  high level of expertise to carry out effectively. If you’re a relatively small business with a limited budget, hiring a novice and expecting them to learn as they go is definitely not a smart option. 

Here are three benefits of hiring an experienced content marketing consultant for your small business. 

The Work Ethic 

Content marketing consultants have spent years trying to build their brand, which means that they have a higher work ethic than a typical employee. Since marketing consultants are running their own business, they will be working hard around the clock—not just to earn a paycheck but to make sure that you keep doing business with them! 

That being said, this is not to say that your employees are not doing a good job, nor should you outsource your whole operation. However, just like you, a marketing consultant is a business owner who knows the level of work ethic needed to get a business off the ground. 

Hiring a content marketing consultant for your business means working with an individual who is focused and determined to see your brand succeed alongside theirs. 

The Deep Industry Knowledge

Legitimate content marketing consultants are made, not born. They have spent years learning the ropes of the industry, and have demonstrated success in creating, implementing, and overseeing content marketing campaigns. 

A good content marketing consultant will have perfected their own strategies and systems for doing their job efficiently. Among such systems are well-structured editorial schedules, content generation strategies, and the ability to read and make modifications to the campaign on the fly based on new data. 

Their deep understanding of the technology, emerging platforms, and customer data should allow them to understand that the industry is ever-changing. Content marketing consultants know better than to rest on their laurels—instead, they keep a close eye on emerging trends and find ways to use that to their advantage. 

The Capacity to Train

The biggest mistake that a new business owner can make is put their whole budget on an entry-level marketing manager and hope they figure it out for themselves. 

With the amount of information available online today, it’s certainly possible for your employee to learn and be an effective content marketing manager for your business in the future. However, in the meantime, your new hire will make some rather costly mistakes. With nobody to vet the information that they use, you could be paying for these costly mistakes and be none the wiser! 

If your goal is to establish an in-house marketing department, then a consultant can help you out in that area as well. You can hire a content marketing consultant to train your new team and stay on a retainer basis. This way, your team can learn as they go but avoid the potentially costly mistakes usually made when first learning the ropes. 


Taking on a marketing consultant is like having a partner in running a business. They have the necessary expertise to hammer in the details, but also have the wisdom to look at the bigger picture to create and implement strategies on their own. Hiring a content marketing consultant helps you concentrate on other parts of the business with the knowledge that a capable expert is holding down the fort for you. 

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