3 Tips for Making Your Social Media Platforms Holiday-Ready

The holiday can be considered as the best season. You can hear meaningful songs and carols, see spectacular sights as you are surrounded by the lights and decorations, and sense the warmth and joy with the people closest to your heart. To make your target audience feel this festive spirit, making your social media platforms holiday-ready is a good idea, and here are some ways to do it:

  • Add holiday elements to your profile

Your social media platforms act as your online places of business, and just like in-person stores, you must fill them with holiday decorations. Spruce up your profiles by adding a vector image or overlay. To ensure that these elements are still consistent with your branding, look, and layout, consider partnering with reliable digital marketing consultants who know and understand your brand’s personality, tone, image, and messaging.

  • Create holiday-centric social media posts

No matter what platform you use, sharing holiday-centric posts is one of the best ways to make your accounts holiday-ready. To get started, consider posting holiday images or illustrations. You can reuse existing images and put overlays on them to suit the season. For instance, you can post some photos of your store decorations or your employees unboxing holiday items while wearing their costumes, hats, or masks.

Be bold and creative in writing your captions for your social media posts. Experiment and play around with imagery, rhyme, alliteration, allusions, and onomatopoeias by using words, phrases, and idioms that conjure images of the perfect holiday. You can also reference cultural, social, and community norms to make them relatable to your audience. 

Don’t forget to add holiday-themed emojis to your captions and place them strategically. Avoid using too many of them to avoid burying your message, and make sure you can still send your message across when you use emojis with your text.

Finally, as soon as you start posting for the holiday season, make sure to stick with it. Make all of your posts holiday-themed throughout the season to make your accounts timely and relevant. 

  • Immerse yourself in the holiday

If you have trouble sprucing up your social media platforms for the festive season, then consider immersing yourself in the holiday. Once you surround yourself with holiday thoughts and ideas, you can stay inspired and creative to make quality holiday-centric content your audience will surely love. Therefore, turn on some holiday music, hum some cheerful carols, pull out your coziest sweater, and see what pops into your head.

Find inspiration by observing the holiday crowds in public places, exploring holiday-themed attractions, and rewatching your favorite holiday movies. This way, you can feel the holiday magic as you watch families, friends, and couples spend precious time together during the most wonderful time of the year.


Your social media presence is an important aspect of your business, and one way of strengthening it is by making your platforms relevant. By following the tips mentioned above and working with a reputable marketing consulting firm to make your social media accounts holiday-ready, you can keep your target audience engaged, informed, and entertained. 

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