Keeping up Your Ranking: 3 Reasons Social Media Is Important to Your SEO in 2020

Search giants like Google always keep businesses at a constant guessing game due to the ever-changing algorithms. One of the most significant changes is the rise of social media and how it is becoming a crucial ranking factor that drives traffic on websites. 

Promoting your campaigns on social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more can do wonders for boosting your visibility. After all, earning double-tapped hearts and more shares means there are more people who will link to your post, and you know that link-building makes the world wide web go ‘round in SEO. 

There are various ways social media can catapult your brand to success, especially in terms of placing you up in the ranks. With that in mind, the list below should give a rundown on how social media can improve your SEO strategy: 

Benefit #1: Social Media Improves Your Online Reach Faster And Better 

Gone are the days when the internet was a marketing afterthought for businesses, and social media was a cold, hard avenue where brands can network. In a highly digitized and connected landscape, social media has become a crucial part of establishing a real relationship with your consumers. 

More than just getting your links anywhere online, social media ensures your content is put in front of your target market, allowing everyone to engage with your business actively. Seeing as social media places emphasis on the “social” aspect of it, engaging with your consumers is a step in the right direction as it attracts qualified leads as more people interact and share it. 

Benefit #2: Social Media Can Improve Your Conversion Rate 

As mentioned above, social media focuses more on human interaction than a lead generation channel. Seeing as it sparks a conversation between you and your market, there is a higher chance of addressing their main points and earning their loyalty to your brand. 

Whether it’s utilizing user-generated content, getting more traffic from shares to producing quality campaigns and relevant content, social media can attract curious users and see more personality behind your brand. When done right, this can be a powerful tool that can entice qualified leads and convert them into customers. 

Benefit #3: Social Media Is The New Signals 

Link-building was the star of the show when it comes to improving your website’s authority, but in recent years, people and search engines alike highlight the importance of producing quality content. It’s not recommended to jam your blog with links anymore, especially since Google has become stricter in acknowledging high-authoritative sites. 

Social media proves to be a more sophisticated signal that your website is popular, primarily since it also uses your audience as a team of natural link builders. With more social connections that are liking and sharing your content, you will receive more organic traffic. 

The Bottom Line: The Role Of Social Media In Your SEO Strategy

Social media is the name of the game when it comes to enhancing your SEO, especially since it offers a more unique, personalized, and authentic approach to spreading your online reach compared to the lifeless link-building in the early days of the internet. 

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