Our Top 7 Tips to Create Effective Social Media Posts

Are you creating effective social media posts and utilizing social platforms to promote your brand or business?

Do you want to generate more engagement off your current content?

A common myth about social media marketing is that each and every article should directly contribute to a business’s bottom line.

Instead, recognize how your target audience use social media. With so much content to digest, your followers will not engage with your posts when the content is boring.

If you’ve been posting the exact same thing over and over again on all of your platforms, your articles have more than likely grown stale.

Let’s dive in to how to effectively advertise your small business or brand on social media with our top 7 tips.

Our Top Tips to Create Effective Social Media Posts

Post Blog Content

As soon as you publish a new blog article, step one should be to post it on all channels and share it with your social media followers.

The benefits of posting your blog content on social media are endless.

In addition to providing you something post ideas, it will also increase traffic to your site. Because, let’s be real, it’s pretty unlikely your customers are heading to your site on a daily or even weekly basis.

They might not even know you posted a new blog article if you don’t tell them.

Posting it on social websites also exposes your blog to a larger audience. Now individuals that are buddies with your followers can view this post and potentially navigate into your profile or site. Plus, don’t you want to show off the great content you created?!?

Share Pictures of your employees

Share photographs of the men and women who make your company possible. Without your employees, you wouldn’t be able to operate.

They will see precisely who’s creating the products they’re consuming and find out what goes on behind the scenes.

Posting photos of your employees will also give you the opportunity to increase your own engagement. That’s because pictures with faces get almost 40% more likes.

If you only have a few employee’s, showcase your small team and make your audience really feel like you are a family. If you have a lot of employee’s share the wealth and use multiple faces to mix up the content.

Comment on News and Events

Write articles that reflect what is going on in your area or even around the world. This doesn’t necessarily mean simply curating news reports and sharing them with your audience, though that’s 1 way to go. A more effective tactic is to discover ways to integrate current events with your brand.

The overall impact is extremely strong. That’s because if you can successfully unite a timely occasion already in the forefront of everyone’s minds with your brand image, the more exposure you can generate for your content.

Look for things to post which connect your brand to information and current events, without jumping too far from this box. That means if there is not a natural link, await the next thing to come around.


Like we said before, it’s not only important for your followers to read and engage with your posts, but to make it easy for others to find your content as well. This is where hashtags come in to play.

When people type the subject which they would like to learn about in Twitter, Facebook or Instagram they want to locate the very best social media posts about that topic. Using hashtags on your article will make sure these users are attained. For example, if you product has seasonal uses, make sure to include seasonal hashtags like:


Hashtags are also a great way to invite visitors to socialize with your content. Make sure you promote this and you’re certain to have more success!

User Generated Content

When you’re running out of thoughts of what to post on social networking, or simply want to engage more with your audience, turn to user generated content (UGC) for ideas. These types of posts can be some of the most effective social media posts you create.

Find posts of real people or even influencers using your products, and share them with your followers.

Posting UGC may also promote the rest of your followers to discuss content associated with a brand later on. They’ll do this with the hopes you will use their content next time you share an individual post.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Emojis

Did you know that when you use emojis in your social media posts, engagement goes up by 15%?!?

effective social media posts

People like things they can socialize with since it makes them feel like they have any part in what they are reading or seeing. Audience engagement is important. It’s fun to be able to post comments saying what you think, so people are going to want to engage with your posts if you create it so this can happen, but people will take these quizzes and matters more if you will find cute emojis.

In essentially any social media platform, there’s going to be an option to use emojis. If not, there are sites all over the internet where it is easy to copy/paste whatever emoji you desire!

When you are deciding where and when to use emojis on your post, think about how you’ve structured it. What parts of the post are the most relevant to what you’re saying? If you’re likely to use a joyful face with hearts anywhere, that is where it should be. You’ll draw attention to the most important part of the article that way.

Also, consider where you can use trendy emojis. Everyone likes fun emojis which they don’t see in other areas often, like the directional pointing hands emojis or the emoji that has two stars over the faces eyes. Think about where you can use fun, infrequent emojis. This can be a surefire way to boost audience interest.

Oldies by Goodies

By way of example, perhaps you were not previously sharing your blog posts on social networking. But now you’re bummed out because you believe you missed an opportunity to share a few of your best pieces of content.

All hope is not lost.

You can still talk about an old blog post on social media if it is still timely and has performed well in the past.

Maybe you posted a photo on Twitter a year or two back that got a high number of likes and retweets. Now, you could share that outdated image on Instagram today to generate engagement on a different platform.

Have you got an old promotional video you uploaded to YouTube before this year?

Share it on Facebook now instead.

Happy Posting!

Now you know how to ensure that you’re making effective social media posts — Tell us how it goes and continue to follow our website for more tricks of the #MarketingConsultant trade!